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USA 1971
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, directed by Gordon Parks, Sr.

John Shaft Richard Roundtree
Bumpy Jonas Moses Gunn
John Shaft Richard Roundtree
Bumpy Jonas Moses Gunn
Lieutenant Vic Androzzi Charles Cioffi
Ben Buford Christopher St. John
Ellie Moore Gwenn Mitchell
Sergeant Tom Hannon Lawrence Pressman
Charlie Victor Arnold
Marcy Jonas Sherri Brewer
Rollie Rex Robbins
Dina Greene Camille Yarbrough
Linda Margaret Warncke
Byron Leibowitz Joseph Leon
Cul Arnold Johnson
Carmen George Strus
Lee Edmund Hashim
Willy Drew Bundini Brown
Blind Vendor Lee Steele
Leroy Tommy Lane
Patsy Dominic Barto
Sims Al Kirk
Dr. Sam Shimen Ruskin
Bunky Antonio Fargas
Old Lady Gertrude Jeannette
Mal Damu King
Remmy Donny Burks
Davies Tony King
Bey Newfield Benjamin R. Rixson
Tully Ricardo Brown
Gus Alan Weeks
Char Glenn Johnson
Dotts Dennis Tade
Brother Adam Wade
Brother James Hainesworth
Sonny Clee Burtonya
Peerce Ed Bernard
Tony Ed Barth
Dom Joe Pronto
Waitress Robin Nolan
Billy Ron Tannas
Mrs. Androzzi Betty Bresler
Elevator Starter John Richards
Elevator Man Paul Nevens

Producer Joel Freeman
Associate Producer David Golden
Director Gordon Parks Snr.
Based On The Novel By Ernest Tidyman
Screenplay John D. F. Black
Screenplay Ernest Tidyman
Art Director Emanuel Gerard
Set Decorator Robert Drumheller
Costumes Joe Aulisi
Makeup Martin Bell
Music Isaac Hayes
Songs Isaac Hayes
Assistant Director Ted Zachary
Sound Lee Bost
Sound Hal Watkins
Camera Urs Furrer
Editor Hugh A. Robertson

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